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Welcome to recipes_swap! I'm your friendly moderator, rosicrucian. This is a small community (though it may grow with time) dedicated primarly to swaping recipes of all sorts with others. Here are the guidelines for posting.

#1 The tag system is your friend. If you food is a breakfast or desert food, mark it as such. An ethnic variety of something we more are a bit more familiar with? Mark it with the more common variety, too. If its an ethnic food, but sure to say from where! Also mark if it is a diet-friendly recipe and for what diets it is friendly towards. This helps people find things if they have a specific diet a lot easier.

#2 Be respectful of and helpful to the other members. I highly doubt the former will come into play when this is a recipe community, but just keep it in mind. If someone replies to your post and asks a question relating to recipe, take the time out of your day to help them. I'm sure they will be grateful.

#3 If you make a recipe and like it, let the original poster know! You're also more than willing to reply and offer suggestions, tips and modifications for recipes and how they turned out.